Health Insurance Awareness Day

June 28, 2019
12:00 AM
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Virtual Meeting Held at every SAAHU Member's Office


In the weeks before Health Insurance Awareness Day  you will receive several branded items from SAAHU to use on your social media that day.

Okay, we get it. There’s a day for everything under the sun, but some of these days serve a valuable purpose!


Let's make National Insurance Awareness Day (June 28) a day that every person you know hears about!


Things you can do:

  • You could use this day to contemplate the health insurance you offer to your members.
  • You could refer a local insurance agent to SAAHU and have them join!
  • You could share with your friends and family all about
  • You could add the NAHU and SAAHU logo to your email address signature.
  • You could ask your friends to call their insurance agent and wish them a good day!
  • You coul remind your employees of safe workplace practices



The sooner you sign up for this day - the more resources you will get! 

Go ahead and RSVP today!!!


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