Federal legislative update by Becky Kanoza

On Wednesday April 19th, SAAHU Legislative Chair Becky Kanoza attended a Regional NAHU Legislative call, where a Federal legislative update was provided.  While the AHCA has been pulled, for now, there is still very much going on behind the scenes.  Although Congress is out on recess, Vice President Pence has been meeting with the Tuesday Group, and the Freedom Caucus to try and gain additional support of the AHCA.  Issues up for discussion included essential benefits and age rating bands.  President Trump and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise have both been meeting with groups, in an effort to try and gain support, and many major insurance carriers met with CMS Seema Verma to discuss cost sharing reductions.


As an association, we continue with our mantra that market stabilization is our number one goal.  The second step would be any changes that can be done thru the regulatory process, working with HHS and Tom Price.  In addition, we expect to see much discussion on reducing the grace periods from 90 to 30 days, bringing back HIPAA certificates of coverage, hybrid risk pools, and the ability of individuals to receive subsidies off exchange when there are few options available in particular areas of the country.


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